• Pete Arnett

News From Alan.

As the days have past, Alan has collected a few of his thoughts together and here are some words from him about how the trek is going.

Day 2

Had a slight accident today. On a steep descent, I put my foot on a wet rock and slipped. I could feel myself going and in the end, I had to throw myself over into the heather. After and I had stopped laughing Patrick helped me to my feet. I've a bit of a sore wrist and pulled muscle in his side but my feet and legs are ok. All fine next morning

Day 3

While passing over the tops the weather turned and it became dark and misty. The guys were putting on their wet gear expecting the worst and their fears came to fruition. A tremendous lightening strike and a huge clash of thunder right above them and the heavens opened. An onslaught of hailstones and nowhere to take cover. As I have said before, it was eerie and very nasty at the time, but we talked about the people we were collecting for and what they must be going through and our plight didn’t seem so bad after all!

Throughout our journey all week, the scenery and views have been stunning.

I'm always emotional on the first day of any venture that we do, but I admit that this time I has struggled daily with my thoughts and why we do these things, but I've had huge comfort from the other guys on the team.


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